Pruebas de pagos

Sin duda una gran prueba de pago por la cantidad de 5000$!! solicitada por el usuario c00Lpt

Hi everyone.

A few months ago, someone posted a $5000 payment proof and wrote: "I hope this proof of payment will motivate many fellow NeoBux users to try and reach these cashout levels".

I asked myself: "Why can't I just do exactly the same?". And i started a long journey to get here.

That's it. It's done. $5070 transfered instantly to my paypal account.

Thanks reggen666 for making this possible to happen and reach such a huge ammount of money ready for cashout on my balance.

A big thanks also to our Admin, staff and all my referals.

I hope this will contribute somehow to motivate all new members and show this is a great and trustable project.

Bye !



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